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WJEC Additional Applied Science Question Paper

Organisation : WJEC
Announcement : Question Paper
Subject : Additional Applied Science
Year : 2012

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Additional Applied Science Question Paper :

In addition to this examination paper, you may require a calculator and a ruler.

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Instructions To Candidates :
Use black ink or black ball-point pen.
Write your name, centre number and candidate number in the spaces at the top of this page.
Answer all questions.
Write your answers in the spaces provided in this booklet.

Information For Candidates :
The number of marks is given in brackets at the end of each question or part-question.
You are reminded of the necessity for good English and orderly presentation in your answers.
You are reminded to show all your working. Credit is given for correct working even when the final answer given is incorrect.

SECTION A : (36 marks)
Answer all the questions in the spaces provided.
1. Kitchen staff in the London Olympic Village have to take care that they do not cause food
poisoning amongst competitors since this could disrupt the games.
(i) State three precautions they will take to prevent this happening. [3]
1. . . . . .
2. . . . . .
3. . . . . .
(ii) What do bacteria produce, as they grow, that can cause food poisoning? [1]
(iii) Tick (v) the boxes next to two symptoms of food poisoning. [2]
Chest pains

2. Competitors in the London Olympics know that their skin will help to control their body temperature so that they will not become too hot.

(i) State three changes to the skin so a competitor’s body temperature does not rise. [3]
1. . . . .
2. . . . .
3. . . . .
(ii) A competitor’s mass before training was 61.0 kg and 60.6 kg after training. How much water did she lose from her body during training? [2]

3. Identify the vitamin or mineral from the list by its description below.
Vitamin A Vitamin C Vitamin D Calcium Potassium
(i) High levels of this vitamin are found in red berries, tomatoes, broccoli, spinach, and juices made from grapefruit and orange. [1]
(ii) This vitamin is made when you get sunlight on your skin. You can also get it from egg yolks, fish oils and milk. [1]
(iii) This mineral keeps our teeth and bones healthy. [1]
(iv) This vitamin helps the body absorb iron and keeps our blood vessels strong. [1]

4. Scenes of crime officers (SOCO) are collecting samples of a colourless powder from what they think is a bomb factory. To identify the powder they carry out a series of tests including precipitation reactions.
(a) Use words from the box to complete the sentences. [2]
soluble solutions insoluble
In a precipitation reaction, two . . . . .
A precipitate is formed because one of the products is . . . .

(b) The SOCO confirms the powder to be silver nitrate which can be used to make bombs. Name one of the products formed when silver nitrate solution is mixed with sodium chloride solution. [1]

(c) Sodium chloride is an ionic compound. It contains positive sodium ions.
(i) What is the charge on chloride ions? . . . . .
(ii) State what holds the sodium and chloride ions together in the solid. [1]

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